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Creating Custom Appointment Lists in Dentrix

With Dentrix G6.6, you can see all your appointment lists (ASAP, Unscheduled, Broken, Open, Pinboard, and Wait/Will Call) together in one place.With this feature, you can combine two or more lists instead of generating them separately like you did in the past. For example, if experience has told you that the most likely candidates to fill holes in your schedule are the patients on the ASAP or Wait/Will Call lists, you can generate a single call list that includes both of those groups of patients.

Source: Creating Custom Appointment Lists | Dentrix

Most dental offices do not use their management software very effectively. There are two reasons for this.

  1. They try and do things just like they did before with paper and fail to take advantage of the power of digital technology.
  2. They simply do not know what to do. Every dental team can benefit from more training. The link goes to some online help articles on the Dentrix site.