Culture for a digital age

From McKinsey & Company:

Shortcomings in organizational culture are one of the main barriers to company success in the digital age. That is a central finding from McKinsey’s recent survey of global executives

Source: Culture for a digital age | McKinsey & Company

The report from McKinsey confirms what I have observed over the years. The success of digital technology in a dental practice has far more to do with the culture of the office than the specific technologies employed.

If the dentist and the staff see technology as a necessary burden they are forced to use or if they are constantly frustrated by technology they do not fully understand then the office is not at all likely to be successful with technology.

If the dentist likes technology, if the dentists believes technology will improve the office and if the dentist is willing to work past minor frustrations then the office is likely to use technology effectively. It starts with the dentist. The dentist sets the tone and no amount of staff technology enthusiasm will overcome a dentist who resents technology.

On the other hand, a resistant staff can frustrate the efforts of the dentist.

The office culture starts with the dentist however that is not enough. The team must embrace technology. You need an attitude that we are the high-tech team. We know and understand high-tech and our patients are better treated because of the technology we use so well.

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