Customer-Centricity as a Business Mission

From American Express:

Customer-centricity often gets mistaken for customer experience and to explain the difference in simple terms; to deliver exceptional customer experiences you first need to be a customer-centric business…

  • Do you have the necessary technology in place to afford your customer the best possible experience?

This question reasons the “how” and therefore how customer-centric companies use the technology as part of delivering their customer experiences with the main goal of finding new ways to make customers’ lives easier and better. It is impossible to become a customer-centric organisation without knowing the customer and the best way to do so is via the data collected on them. Data analysis allows you to better predict future trends and outcomes and provide personalised customer experiences based on your customer expectations. But technology is also about automation – automation of what can be automated  in order to give your employees the time they need to create deeper customer relationships on a human level.

Source: Customer-Centricity as a Business Mission

Dentistry by its very nature is a customer focused profession. In the eyes of our patients what often distinguishes an average practice from an exceptional practice is the patient experience. It is common to view technology as dehumanizing, however properly used technology will enhance interpersonal relationships and free team embers to interact with a human patient rather than a paper chart.