Customers Willing to Pay for a Smile

Cosmetic-SmileA recently released study from London’s Kingston University found that a smile and a friendly greeting were the most common reason why shoppers felt loyalty toward independent businesses…the study also found that three in five shoppers were willing to pay more for a  product from a small business rather than a large corporation,..

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This article has two important messages for dentists. The first is that people will seek us out and be willing to pay more to a small business when we treat them with respect, provide friendly on time service and remember them as individuals. The vast majority of dentists are small business owners

The second message is that smiles matter. Part of our business is providing attractive smiles and it is an important part. Sometimes people try and make the disease repair part of what we do (fillings and bridges) more important than the aesthetics. I believe that helping a people by giving them an attractive smile will likely have more impact on their lives than a filling on # 12.

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