Cut the Deadwood

From e-Management Newsletter by Sally:

#6 – Cut The Deadwood And Enjoy Smooth Sailing
Deal with the problem performers on your team. These are the people that you and your star performers have been carrying for far too long and at far too great an expense. There are few things more demoralizing to top-flight employees than a boss who looks the other way when one or more members of the team consistently disregard office policies, bring poor attitudes to work, generate conflict, make excuse after excuse for why they were late, why they were sick, why they simply cannot get their jobs done. Yet the deadwood workers that everyone is stepping over and forced to just “deal with” get the same pay raises, same vacation time, and the same perks as top performers on your team.

Understandably, your capable staff will only tolerate this for so long. As Vince Lombardi once said, “There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequals.” You want a team of people eager to help you and your practice reach the pinnacle this year, not derail your efforts.

# 6 in Sally McKenzie’s top ten suggestions for 2019.

This is excellent advice that I failed to take as a practice owner. I kept way to many staff members on the payroll who should have been let go for all the reasons Sally describes above. The few times I did fire someone I felt horrible and stressed out for days. However looking back it was a mistake to keep these toxic people that I know cost me both emotionally and financially.

Technology will continue to become an integral part of every dental practice. We will need team members who are techno savvy, who like technology and do not just tolerate it. Or worse yet staff members who actively sabotage our use of technology that threatens their position. The big payoff with technology is reduced staff as technology improves productivity and allows us to do the same job with four people we used to do with six.

As hard as it is to do we will need to cut the deadwood.