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Cutting Medical Costs in India: Could It Work Here Too?


In the United States, health care pricing is insane and irrational and government attempts to control costs through ever more complex regulation are almost certain to make things worse. Despite the best effort of clean living policy wonks, regulations and cost controls will interact with each other in unexpected and costly ways, creating a host of perverse incentives as providers and insurers game whatever clumsy system the feds try to impose.

via Cutting Medical Costs in India: Could It Work Here Too? | Via Meadia.

The essential bit of information in this linked article is that in India a bypass operation can be had for a bit more than $1,500. In the US the cost is usually closer to $100,000. There are many differences in the two systems and it is not really a fair one on one comparison. However the primary point is that costs can be controlled by reducing red tape, lowering administrative costs and using advanced technology. Central command and control top down programs do not work.


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