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Data Exchange Interoperability

The problem we solve:

Health information exchanges (HIEs) aggregate patient data across health organizations within a given geographic region. Information in HIEs can be incredibly helpful to a physician providing care for a patient, because it often adds important data that are not available in the physician’s electronic health record (EHR). However, the physician typically must access these data using a separate workflow outside of the usual process of reviewing patient data in their EHR, without assurance that any meaningful data will actually be found. This makes trying to retrieve HIE data inefficient and cumbersome.

Source: Project Details

Check out this project. Dental Informatics pioneer Titus Schleyer is involved.

This project addresses one of my pet peeves. Dental data is almost all held in proprietary data bases and it is difficult or impossible to access it tor transfer it from one professional to another. The FHIR HIEdrant project is medical but it is a step in the right direction.

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