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Dental Call Tracking with Patient Pursuit


The life blood of any dental practice is the telephone. Virtually every new patient and every appointment for new treatment starts with a phone call. We all know that so we must all practice great phone techniques, right?  –  Wrong!

Research from Patient Pursuit found that the most consistent, detrimental error that dental practices make is simply not answering the phone. In fact, the study revealed that 1 in 5 potential new patients who called dental offices weren’t connected to someone who could help them.

Even when they did get through 40% never book an appointment.

The numbers are pretty easy to analyze. Dental offices are losing thousands every week which can easily add up to hundreds of thousands a year.

Patient Pursuit is a new service that combines high tech and the human touch to help you analyze your phone activities, determine where you are losing out and provide steps to get better.

Make decisions with quality analytics and the right metrics. Measure what matters.

Patient Pursuit provides actionable, easy-to-read reports that show you where your practices need improvement, and the number of new patient opportunities your marketing dollars are bringing in by channel. We make it easy for you to gain insight on your practices and invest in the dental marketing channels that work.

via Dental Call Tracking & Phone Skills | Patient Pursuit.

It is a basic management truism – that which gets measured gets better.

When it comes to answering the phone and making appointments most offices think they are pretty good. However the fact is they do not really know unless they do the research. Patient Pursuit found that most offices were shocked at the number of calls that were not answered.

Not only can you measure overall effectiveness you can measure individuals. For example you may find that Mary converts callers to appointments 73% of the time. This results in $24,000 worth of treatment. On the other hand Linda only converts 34% for $6,500 worth of care.  Once you know this you can analyze what Mary is doing well and provide training and support to help Linda get better.

If you are doing any outside marketing the system will also allow you to determine which marketing efforts result in phone calls, how many patients schedule and eventually how much income they produce.


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