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The linked article from Dr Bicuspid (registration required) is an interview with my friend Titus Schleyer. He is head of the Dental Informatics Center at the University of Pittsburgh.

I am such a big cheer leader for high tech. My first thought when encountering a new technology is …”WOW that is waaay cool”. My second thought us “How can we use that effectively in the dental office?”  Titus thankfully takes a more academic approach.

We share a common vision as to how digital technology could be used by dentists and how it has the potential to transform medical and dental practice. The difference is I just get giddy with excitement while Titus designs and conducts research to determine if new technology actually works and adds value.

“It is the lifeblood of dentistry. You can be terrific with using a handpiece, but if you dont manage the patient information very well, youre not going to be a good dentist.”

via Dental Practice Management.

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