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Dental Malpractice – Top Ten

Here is a great resolution for 2016, don’t get sued for malpractice. Jeff Tonner offers some tips on dental malpractice issues including this list:

According one review of 242 case by Crystal Baxter, DMD, the top negligence categories are:

  • -26% Extractions (paresthesia; failure to timely refer)
  • -17% Endodontics (broken instruments; nerve & sinus perforations)
  • -10% Implants (improper evaluations leading to failure)
  • -10% Crown & bridge (most cases involve multiple units)
  • -8% Periodontics (failure to diagnose; over-treatment)
  • -8% Orthodontics (root resorption) -5% Anesthesia (fatalities)
  • -4% Infections (hospitalizations; most were smokers)
  • -4% Injections (nerve damage)
  • -2% Drug reactions (contraindicated with the medical history)
  • -6% Miscellaneous

What’s the best way to avoid legal actions?  chart – Chart – CHART!

Source: 3 Surprising Dental Malpractice Statistics & How You Can Prevent Them

He also makes the observation that even good dentists get sued. If you are in fact a good dentist – you did everything properly according to the standard of care – yet had a negative outcome, how do you protect yourself?

Good chart notes.

This is one area in which it is obvious digital notes (properly done) are far superior to old hand scribbled notes.

If you have good software like Dentrix or Eaglesoft there is no excuse for you not to be using digital notes. Make 2016 the year you truly go digital, get some training and start doing all your notes with the computer.

One other thought; even if you have digital notes they may still fail to protect you if they are not complete and do not address critical issues. Jeff has a note package he offers to dentists via subscription.

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