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Dental Practice Marketing: A Baseline Study

HT Marty Jablow. I have written extensively in digital marketing including web pages e-calls, Google, and Social media. Archived here. Interesting, but not a surprise, that most dentists have no real marketing strategy or budget. Also interesting and surprising…what the heck are 1/3 of dentists doing advertising in a newspaper.

Summary Findings

Less than half of dentists have a clear plan for their marketing activities

75% of dentists are spending less than $20,000 on marketing

Most dentists are spending only 4% of their worth on marketing

77% of dentists are spending only 1 hour per day on marketing

Of the 60% of dentists who rate their marketing approach as only “somewhat effective,” 60% have a website or publish online but only 50% are using text messaging, email or social media for marketing

More than 90% of dentists use patient reminder calls but only 55% use text messages or emails as reminders

The majority of dentists are not using out-of-office referrals, events, or social media to reach new patients

Only one-third of dentists are advertising in daily newspapers

80% of dentists use in-office patient awareness to explain the services they offer, but only 60% provide information online

via Dental Practice Marketing: A Baseline Study | Public Relations & Advertising Firm, Social Media: Strategic Marketing & Public Relations.

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