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I came across another new product at the Townie meeting except it turns out it isn’t new at all. It is just that Dental Writer from Nierman Practice Management is such a focused niche product I simply hadn’t seen it before. However it does provide a slick solution to what could be an aggravating problem.

A growing number of dental related conditions like TMD, sleep apnea and others have a significant medical element and there may be significant reimbursement from medical insurance. On the other hand most dentists have no clue when it comes to negotiating the byzantine realm of medical insurance and have even less desire to learn.

Dental Writer takes you from questionnaire to exam to report to medical billing.

All of the tools you need to file medical insurance from the dental office are at your finger tips. The CrossCode™ Software includes dental to medical codes with over 100 medical billing examples for exams, radiographs, diagnostic testing, TMJ and sleep apnea orthotics, minor and large surgeries, perio, follow up visits, oral effects of medication, disease and injury and many more.

via Nierman Practice Management Home Page.

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