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Dentrix Mastery Tracks

MasteryTracks-logoHaving great technology won’t help your office unless you know how to use it. For many years I have been urging dentists to get more training on how to use their software. Dentrix offers a number of training options. Their newest option (introduced at the ADA in October) is Mastery Tracks. I like it for lots of reasons.

Dentrix Mastery Tracks comprises one or more tests that align with specific job functions and responsibilities. That means your team members can measure and improve the Dentrix skills that relate directly to their daily responsibilities—and then expand those skills by becoming a specialist in other areas down the road.

via Dentrix Mastery Tracks.

Mastery Tracks allows users to focus on one area of the software, either because it is critical to their job or because they just need to learn more, and to master that skill.

For dentists you now have a credible outside source that can certify the Dentrix knowledge of a team member. This can be very significant when looking to hire a new person or as an incentive for exiting team members to get better. If a team member wants a raise you can base the increase on levels of mastery.

For staff people this gives you a wonderful addition to a resume that certifies your knowledge. If you have Dentrix Mastery certificate you are more valuable to a potential employer.

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