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I just read an article from Sally McKenzie about finding great team members. Two things she discussed which dooms dentists to mediocre staff was settling for whoever shows up and failing to test for skills. The Dentrix Mastery program gives dentists a real life tool to evaluate a potential staff member’s Dentrix skill and it gives team members a powerful credential that proves they can do the job and that they are worth more to the practice.

Dentrix Mastery Tracks™ will make sure every member of your team is as prepared and capable as your technology—by giving you a fast and affordable way to test what they know about Dentrix and find out where they need improvement. It also directs them to the targeted training they need to enhance their skills and improve your practice.

via Dentrix Mastery Tracks.

What a great solution to a significant problem.

Lack of basic, ongoing training is one of the primary mistakes most dentists make with technology. Many dentists use a fraction of the technology they have purchased, complain that their system does not do something that it does or use awkward outmoded procedures to accomplish basic tasks.

Mastery training will help dentists improve the effectiveness of current team members, help them select new team members and will provide staff personnel with an authentic credential that increases their value in the marketplace.


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