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Dentrix Tip Tuesdays: Verify Billing Statements to Send

Credit card statement and checkOne of the options ¬†you can use as part of your billing process is the Verify Billing Statements to Send feature. It allows you to preview your batch of billing statements and make changes before they are sent electronically or printed in your office. It also allows you to deselect specific statements and prevent them from being printed or sent electronically, so you don’t have to print all the statements and manually pull out statements you don’t want to send.

via Dentrix Tip Tuesdays: Verify Billing Statements to Send.

Some people are uncomfortable reading reports electronically. They seem to need the paper to touch and make notes. Plus printing and reading the reports is a vestige of the old pre-digital days. That is the way we had to do it and that is what feels right.

Of course all that printing is a waste of time, money and paper. Plus if you do want to make any changes you still have to go back to the digital file to fix things.

Try it, review bills, reports, patient forms and anything else you used to do with paper on the computer. It will feel wrong and awkward but once you get over the initial awkwardness it is really faster and much more efficient.

Stop yourself whenever you are about to hit the print button and ask. Is this really necessary?

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