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More great advice from Dayna Johnson the The Dentrix Office Manager:

 More Information Button – This feature is located on all Dentrix toolbars and you can also find it in the lower left corner of the schedule appointment window. Have you ever been on the phone with a mom and she wants to know when her three kids and husband are scheduled next for all their future appointments … but you’re not sure what’s the most efficient way to find all these appointments for the entire family?

Or are you working in the Patient Chart and your patient asks you when her husband is due for his checkup but you really don’t want to leave the chart and figure out how to look for that information?

Both of these scenarios can be completed using the More Information button.

Source:  The Dentrix Office Manager

In my experience most dental offices are very inefficient in their use of technology. The future dental team member who will be the most valuable will be the emplpyee who best knows how to use technology. Dayna is a great source of Dentrix user info.

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