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Dentrix User Tips, Treatment Plans

At the Dentrix Business of Dentistry Conference:

Some good treatment planning ideas and tips for Dentrix users from Dayna Johnson.

Dentrix has a complete system that allows users to set up alternative plans, such as an implant, a fixed bridge or a removable partial for the replacement of missing teeth and then link these plans together.

If you just create the various plans but do not link them you will clutter the system with lots of proposed treatment that will never be completed. This makes reviewing your cases difficult, planning and scheduling takes more time as the scheduler needs to wade through the alternatives and many of your management reports are less useful.

To fix this some offices just delete the alternatives. This Dayna says is a big mistake. If you delete the alternative plans you lose the medical/legal documentation that you offered alternative treatment choices and if the patient returns and decides to go ahead with the treatment you will need to recreate the entire treatment plan again.

The better way to do it is to create and name alternative plans and place the appropriate treatment in its own plan and then link them. Dentrix makes this easy with an icon that actually looks like a little chain link. When the patient chooses the plan thy want it can be marked as accepted and the alternatives as rejected.

Do not delete the rejected linked alternative plans.

Dayna suggested the office assign the task of entering and organizing the treatment plans to a specific person; perhaps a treatment coordinator. Organizing and presenting alternatives is not a casual job that a front desk person should be expected to toss off in a moment while a patient is waiting at the desk.

On the other hand if it is done properly by someone trained with the system it can be done quickly and will provide you with very valuableĀ informationĀ and documentation.

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