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Digital Dental Specialist Referrals

Dentat workIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare article from June:

Despite advances in digital records and communication, the majority of specialist referrals still follow this old paper-based system. However, paperless digital referrals are possible, have already progressed through two generations and promise to be even better in the near future…

A third generation system will upload all the appropriate patient data from the paperless record to the online referral forms automatically with no additional typing. In other words, the patient name, the tooth and the treatment would not need to be re-typed but would be extracted from the exiting digital record.

But that’s not all. With a digital referral you are not limited to the minimum information we used to scribble on the paper form. You can automatically upload all the patient information the specialist’s office will need such as address, employment, contact numbers and the other things needed to create a patient record.

via Emmott On Technology: Looking Ahead to 3rd Generation Dental Specialist Referrals |

Transferring patient information using the Internet is faster and more accurate than sending notes and copies. A copy of a digital radiograph is exactly the same as the original. A copy of a film radiograph is significantly degraded.

A primary obstacle to better sharing of medical dental information is the incompatibility of various systems. Even basic patient information like a patient’s name and phone number will not readily transfer from one management system to another. Until the dental profession demands interoperable systems the vendors will attempt to control us with closed proprietary systems.

Sending patient information including radiographs as an e-mail attachment has significant security and HIPAA issues. The best way to send patient data to another dentist is by the use of an encrypted web site.


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