Do You Know Your Rate of Returning Dental Patients?

From TNT Dental

One of his primary components: pay-per-click advertising and a special offer of a “free exam and x-ray” to attract patients…and it worked! The problem came when he opened the books and realized that only 21% of those patients ever returned to his practice.

Source: Do You Know Your Rate of Returning Dental Patients? | Blog | Best Online Marketing Companies for Dentists | Custom Dental Websites | (877) 868-4932

Worth the click, read the whole thing. Offering a free exam and cleaning to new patients has long been considered problematical. People who use the free special are seldom looking for a new dentist, they are just looking for a free cleaning. They tend to not accept additional treatment and they tend not to return. The result is that the free cleaning is not a “loss leader” it is simply a loss.

However documenting this issue is a problem if you use paper systems. Gathering the data and then analyzing it is time consuming, difficult and never gets done. With digital data it is easy to track where patients are coming from, how much they spend and how often they return.

A marketing program that just brings in new patients may not provide a real ROI. A plan to contact existing patients, help them to get needed work done and to refer will likely have a better ROI. How can you tell where your marketing dollars and efforts are best spent? Use digital records and analyze the results.