Eaglesoft, Demand Force, Sesame

by Larry Emmott on October 25, 2018

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Bumped from Aug 30. I find this very disturbing.

From Eaglesoft support:

If you are a current DemandForce/Sesame user, the interface with Eaglesoft will no longer work after Oct 31, 2018. Please reach out to eServices Sales at 800.294.8504 to further discuss the many options available.

Source: Support Home Page

Who owns the data? It seems the powers that be at Eaglesoft have decided that dentists cannot use their own practice data with certain e-service providers. I find this very disturbing and short sighted. This is a huge blow against interoperability and an attempt to keep dentist as prisoners in a closed company playpen.

If I was an Eaglesoft user I would have to be asking myself, what next, where does this end?

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