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Eaglesoft Money Finder

Simply put, it’s a reporting method. It queries your Eaglesoft patient base, using a variety of preset categories, and produces a list of patients who meet your pre-defined criteria. It gives you the flexibility of allowing you to choose your own criteria as well, an extremely effective feature when marketing to your existing patient base.

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One of the primary advantages to digital technology is the ability to quickly find some bit of data and then relate it to a different bit of data. If these related bits provide some new insight that can be acted upon then the data becomes information.

Our digital records create and store vast amounts of data simply as a byproduct of doing business. Understanding that data and using it to generate information and then acting on that information will quickly pay for most dentist’s investment in technology.

Two things tend to stand in the way:

First most dentists never search their data base for information.

Second those that do get some actionable information all too often never act on it.

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