Ease of Use = Ease of Abuse

by Larry Emmott on June 7, 2012

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The Dr. Bicuspid article linked below makes a point I have often written about (here  and here) The unfortunate truth is that the qualities of digital technology, speed and ease of use, that make it so powerful when creating dental records are the same qualities that make it easy for thieves and hackers to exploit.

When compared to paper records, EHRs make it easier to input, duplicate, store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit, and archive patient data, the authors noted. However, the evolution from paper to electronic charts has also prompted concern for the safety and privacy of patient information.

via Dental Practice Management.

The article is centered on academics and the concern that electronic records could be manipulated by students. Of course there is the same concern in the real world, that unscrupulous persons could manipulate and abuse your medical dental record. On the other hand the article points out that the people who are developing medical and dental electronic records take this issue very seriously. There are substantial safeguards already in place to protect personal medical data.

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