Economic Silver Lining

by Larry Emmott on February 23, 2009

in Management

It is no secret that the country is experiencing slower economic times. Most dentists are not as busy or productive as they were a year or two ago. Of course this is not a great situation but if you look there is a silver lining.

This could be the chance you have needed to spend some time discovering and refining how to best manage your office. If staff members aren’t as busy as they were, now is a good time for them to do some training on using the office technology better. This may be a good time to implement a new aspect of your technology; for example you can start to enter all treatment in an electronic chart when it is treatment planned. Or you could start to enter all patient e-mail addresses so that you can start to do e-call cards.

You could use available staff time to follow up on people you have not seen in a year or two (or three). Your technology will help you do this.

You can use some of the time you have for staff meetings. You can identify areas that could be done in a more productive manner, especially by using technology that you already have on hand.

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