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EHR satisfaction survey 2017

From Healthcare IT News:

CIOs, clinical staff still want better interoperability and ease of use, but the focus is shifting to improving EHRs, not just fixing them.

Source: EHR satisfaction survey 2017: After years of frustrations, user wish-list turns positive | Healthcare IT News

EHR (Electronic Health Records) are an ongoing medical industry issue that will have a significant effect on future dental systems. Therefore even though dentistry has avoided the worst of the EHR fiasco we should be aware of what is going on.

The linked article notes that 42% of survey respondents gave their EHR system high satisfaction ratings and stated that that showed users were generally happy with the systems. They just need some tweaking.

My take is that a high satisfaction lower than 50% is dismal. Some business researchers suggest a healthy business should have a high satisfaction rate (often refereed to as a net promoter) of 80%.

The underlying problem with EHRs as I see it is that they were developed by administrators and bureaucrats interested in gathering data and not by the clinical people delivering care interested in treating patients.

One of the EHR complaints is also a huge issue in dentistry. That is interoperability. Currently it is not possible to transfer a patient from Eaglesoft to Dentrix or visa versa. It isn’t even possible to send a complete dental EHR from one Dentrix office to another. Interoperability allows users to transfer data from one system to another. Just as we can transfer a .jpg from an iphone to a PC to Facebook with a simple click we should be able to transfer a record from one office to another.

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