Eliminate the color coded post it notes, Add 5 % to your net income

From Digital Dentrix Diva Dayna:

When I see post it notes all over the office I know the team does not have a good way of communicating between each other or making effective notes inside of the practice management software.  In today’s article I want to tackle the intra-office communications, here you go .

Source: Eliminate the color coded post it notes, Add 5 % to your net income

Dayna is a great resource for simple efficient ways to use your Dentrix system more effectively.

What she describes is something I see regularly. That is an office that has a good software system, such as Dentrix, but the doctor and staff do not use many of the features that are already there, and already paid for that would save money and make the office run better.

There are two reasons for this. One is that the office staff simply does not know the system exists. Frequently I have had a dentist or dental team member corm to me and say something like, “It would be great if Dentrix would just do XYZ.” I tell them Dentrix does do XYZ. “Really” they say how long has it done that?” The answer is usually it has done XYZ for years but the office has not had recent training or kept up with new versions.

The second reason is related. The office is simply overwhelmed with surviving the day and sticks to current systems like the sticky note wall because they are too busy to learn something new that will reduce how busy they are.

The second biggest mistake most dentists make with technology is lack of ongoing training.

The dental MVP of the future will be the team member who knows how to use all the technology and integrate it together. The practice “technologist”.

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