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Employers Requesting Passwords of Interviewees…H-ll No

I heard about this the other day and was appalled.

Recent reports reflect a growing trend – an increasing number of employers are asking interviewees for their Facebook passwords, or unbridled access to their accounts through other methods.

via Facebook Condemns Those Requesting Passwords of Interviewees, Employees | News & Opinion |

As a so called compromise some interviewers are asking applicants to log on then they view private content in what is called shoulder surfing. But what ever you call it, it is outrageous.

I have no problems with potential employers, including dentists, looking up an applicant’s social media presence whether on Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever. That is public information and people are advised that what happens in Vegas stays on YouTube. If you don’t want a future employer or spouse or anyone else seeing something then don’t post it in a public forum.

That however is much different that asking to see behind the password and cruising private areas that are off limits to the public. It is the digital equivalent of asking for the key to your paper diary or to read your love letters.

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