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Enhancing The Patient Experience Through Technology

From Opera DDS:

By identifying technology that can deliver more positive touch points before, during, and after treatment, you’ll be providing a personal, positive influence to all patients.

Source: Enhancing The Patient Experience Through Technology

It is no longer good enough to be friendly, on time and take insurance. Everybody does that

It would be nice if patients judged us by the quality of the dentistry we deliver. But of course patients have no way to judge the marginal integrity of a restoration or the cleanliness of a root surface. So they judge us on easily observed and possibly superficial factors. Technology is an easily observable factor that differentiates you from the dentist down the street.

I recently used a 3 shape Trios to take an impression of a patient. His comment was, “Wow my old dentist is really behind the times.”

Less spectacular technology that simply makes a dental appointment easier and faster , such as online forms, e-mail communications or online bill pay are all positive touch points that add up to a better patient experience.

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