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Fighting Negative Online Reviews in the Courts

angry-woman-2_FullIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare August 2013.

The customer service here is disgusting and the procedures arnt much better! I had 2 procedures done there and each one was worse then the other and never done correctly. They ruined a tooth of mine that can never be fixed. this place should be shut down. plain and simple! DONT GO HERE!!!

This is an actual online review of a dental office that anyone in the known universe with an Internet connection will read when they search for this practice online. If this was your office what would you do?

Before jumping into the problems let’s first acknowledge that online customer reviews can be a great service. The fact is, as a consumer I appreciate others’ opinions regarding various service establishments and have made buying decisions based on these reviews. As a professional I acknowledge that some of my colleagues do not deserve public trust and if they can be identified, and the public can be protected from them, that serves both the public and the profession. If the above review is true, the public deserves to know. But what if it is not true?

via Emmott On Technology: The Perils Fighting Negative Online Reviews in the Courts |

As dental professionals our reputation is golden, it is a large part of our “worth”. If something or someone damages that reputation it could be ruinous. As a result dentists react strongly to negative reviews.

If you believe you have been harmed by a false and malicious online review do you have any legal recourse? At this time the answer is sadly no.

So far the courts, both legal and the court of public opinion, have found in favor of the reviewer and against the dentist. Read the full article for some horror stories of dentists who tried to protect their reputation and were creamed in court. One was even forced to flee the profession.

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