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Financial Reminders

From the Sesame Communications GPS (Guide to Practice Success)

In addition to appointment reminders, automated reminders have many other uses. These tools allow your practice to automatically send financial reminders, process payments, secure referrals, and more. Automating these processes will save your practice time and improve efficiency.

For example, financial reminders. Calling patients about past due payments is time-consuming and can be awkward for your staff and the patient. Sending an automated payment reminder is much less confrontational and embarrassing. More significantly, it is less expensive and has been shown to be much more effective than traditional calling.

Sesame Communications’ research has shown that 50% of patients will make an online payment within 48 hours of receiving an automated reminder about a past due payment. Among the members surveyed, 66% stated that, on average, their patients paid online faster than those who paid via check.

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