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E-Bay for Doctors

This is an idea I find both fascinating and frightening. Shop for a doc online. This web site called MediBid creates a market place for people seeking and health care and medical care providers and sets up an e-Bay like auction to match patients with doctors and find the lowest price.

“Get your new heart valve from the lowest bidder.” What could go wrong?

Closer to home; “Get your new smile from the lowest bidder.” What could go wrong? We have all seen the results of lowball cosmetics and it isn’t pretty.

As in many other things the lowest price is not necessarily the best value.

On the other hand I am a believer in the power of the market and that most consumers if given choices will make good choices and that competition both improves quality and keeps prices down. My personal opinion is that we would achieve much better results with so called “health care reform” by introducing more free market options and less top down central planning.

However I am still very uncomfortable with this shop a doc lowest bidder concept.

On MediBid, self pay and cash pay patients can shop for medical care from an interactive doctor directory. Doctors taking new patients such as family physicians, plastic surgeons, ear nose and throat doctors, pain management specialists, and even destination hospitals and imaging centers are on MediBid to get new patients.

via Find a Doctor in The Marketplace for Medicine | Doctor Directory | MediBid.

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