Five Leadership Points

From Management and Finance expert Hugh Doherty founder of the Doctor’s Financial Network.

  1. Roam the halls. Talk with your employees.  In person
  2. Recognize good work publicly.
  3. Tell the personal story of how you got started…often.
  4. Mark what you represent. I am a big believer in symbolism. The more you stand for something, the more your logo, philosophy and other markers serve as a symbol to employees of who you are.
  5. Give employees responsibility. Next time an employee asks you a question, respond with a question: “What do you think we should do?

Implementing new technology effectively does not happen by accident. The missing ingredient is often leadership from the dentist. If the dentist does not know what he or she is trying to accomplish they cannot provide the vision necessary to succeed. This is related to my Dentalcompare article.

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