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Former dentistry employee accused of spreading fake message

An ex-employee from Downie Family Dentistry is accused of hacking into the dentistry’s phones and sending messages to customers saying the dentistry was closing due to the dentist having a drug problem. The dentist’s office says neither are true.

Source: Former dentistry employee accused of spreading fake message

Yikes!!! The site was “hacked”. Not really, if you read further it says “Downie Family Dentistry said the employee had access to the website and its Facebook page…”. How do you deal with this high tech problem?

According to Tim Healy from TNT Dental the secret is to…wait for it…change your password.

The article also quotes the ex-employee as saying, “He told us many times ‘I’m going to take the ship down,’… If you let go of me, I will take the ship down with me.” That sounds disgruntled to me.

Whenever you have an employee leave the practice, especially a disgruntled employee you need to be sure the door is closed and locked behind them. In the past that may have simply meant you get the office key back. Now it means you:

  • Get the key. (re-key in extreme cases)
  • Disable their alarm code.
  • Change the windows and network login passwords.
  • Disable their Application passwords. For example Dentrix and Quickbooks passwords.
  • Change the password for any online services such as text reminders or remote access.
  • Change the passwords for any social media sites the employee had access too.
  • Change the website password.

To be able to do all this the office needs to issue individual alarm codes and logins. Most of the time we simply use the same code for everyone which means it needs to be changed for everyone whenever someone leaves the practice. Or you can take your chances.