Person Place or Thing?

by Larry Emmott on May 4, 2017

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Is the Front Desk a Person, a Place or a Thing?

Once we transfer the data from paper to electronic paperless records, we no longer need a single physical place, like the front desk, to gather the information. An administrator can gather the data where ever there is a computer. That could be at the front, in the back or even in a different building! The computer becomes the Data Center of the practice. The practice is Front Deskless.

The term Front Desklessness is quite provocative but not very descriptive. The concept could be more accurately called: An Alternative Approach to Dental Office Management and Work Flow Using Integrated Paperless Records. That may be a more descriptive title but it sure doesn’t grab you like Front Desklessnes.

Since Front Desklessness is catchy but not well defined all kinds of misconceptions have come oozing out of the woodwork. The term does not mean that no one does the duties of the front desk. There is still a person. It doesn’t even necessarily mean the office doesn’t have a front desk. There is still a place. There is no one way to practice Front Desklessness. Front Desklessness is simply a way of managing the workflow of a dental office made possible by computers and technology. It is still a thing, just a different thing.

How to go Paperless:

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