Git er Done

by Larry Emmott on February 5, 2011

in Management

Five steps to getting things accomplished. Well more significantly getting important, relevant, effective things accomplished. You know things like adding technology to a dental office.

  1. What do I want to accomplish? (VISION)
  2. Why? (MISSION)
  3. How will I bring my vision to fruition? (STRATEGY)
  4. What will I measure? (OBJECTIVES)
  5. What’s the actual work to be done and who will do it? (ACTION PLANS)

What we often see is a vague gesture to # 3…I think it is time I looked at digital radiography…then a jump to #5. Or more accurately a jump over # 5…I went to the dental show and bought it. 🙂

Just in case you aren’t paying attention this is related to the previous post Two Truisms.

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