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Health-care providers face change to digital records

My local newspaper the AZ Republic has a lengthy Sunday Business article on the use of digital records in medicine. The article addresses the usual issues we face in dentistry in a lay friendly manner. Such as cost, efficiency, security , privacy, and acceptance by reluctant users.

It also mentions something we in dentistry do not share and that is a chance at a big pot of federal incentive dollars to “go digital.” This however is what some people refer to as the deadline for federally mandated digital records. At this time there is no actual mandate that requires us to go digital however the money incentive does have a deadline. 

Even though doctors may use smartphones and other digital gadgets in their private lives, some find the switch to electronic health records daunting

via Health-care providers face change to digital records.

Update: The article also notes that most studies (with a few exceptions) show digital records do in fact save time, decrease costs and reduce errors.

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