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Health data breaches on the rise

From Reuters:

While the largest number of data breaches occurred at health care providers’ sites – such as hospitals and physicians’ offices – it’s health care plans that account for the greatest number of patient records stolen over the past seven years,

Source: Health data breaches on the rise | Reuters

The linked article is a good overview of the situation and reinforces important points I have made in the past. Most reported breaches (70%) are healthcare providers however most of the exposed records (63%) are from hacks of large healthcare plans.

Aggregating large pools of data has incredible potential for research leading to eventual improvements in healthcare. However at the present the security risks need to be addressed before we can actually benefit from the data.

This from the article:

And while large centralized databases offer health researchers a goldmine of records that can be used to improve healthcare, you have “to balance the risks (of being hacked) against the benefits to research,” McCoy said.