High Tech Budget for 2014

img_moneyAre you planning your practice budget for 2014? Be sure to include technology.

Technology is a cost of doing business in the modern world. As such you should plan for it and include technology as part of a dental practice budget. Standard dental office budgets rarely include technology. We have line items like rent, staff, lab, supplies and of course taxes but technology is left to find a spot hidden somewhere in office supplies and equipment.

One of the most important and cost effective things you can do is to provide ongoing training for both the dentist and the staff on the use of technology including your most basic systems like Dentrix. It is amazing how little most people use the expensive systems they have already paid for.

Plan on budgeting 3-5% of gross production on technology. It is better to plan for these expenses that to be surprised when a bill comes due or you need to replace a component and don’t have the money on hand.

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