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High Tech House Calls

From NYT:

REMEMBER when doctors made house calls?

While only a relative handful of doctors still offer them, there is growing evidence that comprehensive home medical care could be a viable alternative to the attendant woes and soaring expenses of institutional health services,…

…At the heart of the home care renaissance is a combination of high-tech, portable medical equipment and the age-old practice of doctors coming into the home to personally examine and treat their patients.

Source: The Doctor Is In. In Your House, That Is. – The New York Times

What the article does not say but is equally true is that para-professionals can do the house calls at an even lower cost than a fully trained and licensed physician. New technology allows for easy inexpensive onsite testing and diagnostics. If the tests indicate a more complex issue then the physician can be called in.

It is easy to make the case that the way medical care is currently delivered and paid for in the US is a mess. The key to lowering costs and improving access does not lie in more central command and control but will come about with improved technology and less third party interference.

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