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Hiring and Training Staff for Technology Success

trainIn Case you missed it: Dentalcompare from Nov. 2013.

Dentists sometimes worry about new staff members, “What if I spend a lot of time and money training them and then they leave?”

What if you don’t train them and they stay?

 …There are three possible outcomes to adding technology to the office only one of which is good.

One: The office pays for the installation of a new high tech system then throws team members at it with little or no training and no system in place to implement the technology. This is all too common and almost always results in frustrated staff and wasted money.

Two: An office spends the money to implement a technology system then spends additional time and money training a staff person to use it. The staff person clings to the old way of doing things, fails to implement the system, is the wrong person for the job and either leaves or even worse stays in place like a roadblock preventing things from progressing. The result is again frustrated staff and wasted money.

Three: The dental office buys the system, sets up training, develops protocols to use it effectively and engages team members to use the system, learn and get better. The result is faster better service, decreased costs and happy staff.

Notice the determining factor in our three outcomes is not the technology it is the people using it. It is how they are trained, how the office established the benefits of the technology and helped the staff learn.

via Emmott On Technology: Hiring and Training Staff for Technology Success |

Training Training Training. One of the two biggest mistakes dentists make with high tech is not enough training. In far too many dental offices only one person knows how to use the computer and she doesn’t know much because she is self-taught.

Training is not a one-time event but should be ongoing. If you have not had any computer training in the last 18 months you are almost certainly losing time and money by failing to use your technology effectively.

Using technology effectively starts with training but it requires much more. It is not enough to know which icon to click you must know why you are clicking it. What is the outcome or solution you are expecting from the technology?

If you are a Dentrix user they offer a wide range of training options including webinars, seminars, in office trainers, on demand and coaching.

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