Internet Management

Horse & Buggy

The information superhighway works great as long as everyone is driving a fast new car and the road is open. But it breaks down pretty quick when certain cars aren’t allowed or if some people are on skateboards some others are in a horse drawn buggy.

In order to take advantage of the information superhighway the first thing you have to have is the proper vehicle. That means digital electronic data. If you have an old buggy (that would be paper data) the highway is useless.

In the dental office moving from horse and buggy to the super highway starts with creating digital patient records. This includes digital charting, digital diagnostics, like radiographs and digital financial records. If you have those you can now power down the information superhighway to the insurance carrier.

However what happens far too often is that the insurance carrier can’t or won’t accept the digital x-ray. The insurance carrier needs a paper claim or the insurance carrier will only accept one kind of e-claim and not another. In other words we are forced off the highway into a buggy and onto the old dirt road.