How long is your long run?

by Larry Emmott on May 17, 2011

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More provocative thoughts linked below from Seth Godin. Some related thoughts as it pertains to dentistry and technology.

I think we can agree on what the short run is. The question worth asking your brand, your boss or your family is: what’s the long run? Most of the time, we err on the side of short

via Seth’s Blog: How long is your long run?.

Dentists are for the most part long run thinkers. One does not go to college for at least eight years delay gratification and submit oneself to the rigors of the practice and business of dentistry without having the ability to set goals and think into the future.

This can become a negative when we apply our considerable analytical skills and propensity to think long term and become paralyzed by indecision. The paralysis of analysis. There is nothing wrong with planning and concern for possible negative outcomes. On the other hand in order for anything to get done we need to take the first step. The first step is what sometimes holds us back.

I see this frequently with dentists considering new technology. They over think the issue and not sure what to do they choose to do nothing.

A different but similar problem prevents dentists from thinking long term. That is that they simply do not know what is possible. Just a few years ago the idea of a paperless dental record was considered a pipe dream. Yah, it would be cool and interesting but it wasn’t really practical or even possible. Today paperless dental records are one of the fastest growing tech trends in dentistry.

Right now there is a high tech concept that we are failing to bring into our long term goals because we just don’t know it exists. One of my goals is to help dentists learn what is possible. I frequently include articles in this blog that tell the story of some far out new technology that might change how we practice in the future.

What does long term planning mean to you? Is it one year? Five years? Or more?  Whatever it is, think big. Learn about the future. Let your imagination loose, set some goals and take the first step.

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