How to Prevent a WikiLeaks-Style Breach

by Larry Emmott on December 8, 2010

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I admit I am such a cheerleader for high tech I sometimes take a Pollyanna approach to potential problems, including security. All the news regarding the Wikileaks Scandal makes it obvious that online information is at risk of being stolen and exploited. The PC Magazine article below gives some advice on how to improve the security of your data.

As dentists we have both a legal and a moral obligation to protect our patient’s medical information. This legal obligation is what the HIPAA privacy rules are all about. Unfortunately sending patient information such as radiographs via e-mail is not secure.

As business people we have a further obligation to protect our patient’s credit card data. There are very strict rules under PCI compliance¬†on how we use and store credit card information and again many dentists using simple storage methods, keeping credit card information on file, are in violation of those rules.

The current WikiLeaks furor has dredged up a storm of debate but there’s one troubling revelation that is crystal clear: if the government is vulnerable to network security and data breaches, your business is too.

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