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Ideal Charting for Dentists

Jeff Tonner is an attorney who defends dentists in state board complaints and malpractice cases. A big part of that is malpractice prevention. He writes a newsletter linked below called “The Dental Advocate”.

A common patient misconception is that he or she owns and therefore is entitled to the original dental records, since the patient paid for them. This simply isn’t true. The dental office owns the original records, and the patient only is entitled to copies (sometimes for a duplication fee). Disgruntled patients, and this is a major issue, are more likely to file board complaints and legal actions.

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Jeff provides numerous ideas and techniques that will first reduce your chances of being sued and second increase your chances of winning your case with good records.  This includes forms and suggested procedure notes. Called Ideal Charting for General Dentists (ICGD).

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