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IFTTT:10 Great Ways to Use This Set-It-and-Forget-It Tool (Maybe)

From Amex Open Forum: (the acronym stands for “If This Then That”) is an online service that lets you automate actions you take on the Web every day. When used correctly, it can be an extremely powerful tool for small-business owners, saving you time and keeping you organized.

via IFTTT Recipes: 10 Great Ways to Use This Set-It-and-Forget-It Tool – OPEN Forum :: American Express OPEN Forum.

The ten “recipes” listed do not have an obvious dental application but the basic concept certainly does. The idea is to automate simple functions through web services. As dentists we should be able to use this but we need to be very careful about revealing patient identities. HIPAA is not only the law but protecting patient confidentiality is just the right think to do professionally and ethically. Reading the IFITT web site terms of service the site does collect user data and does reserve the right to provide it to third parties.

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