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Inscriptions—Patient Financing

img_moneyMy June Inscriptions article is now online:

Inscriptions—Jun/Jul 2014.

The topic is patient financing and the digital tools that make it effective and help you manage your practice.

You should set up a link from your practice site to CareCredit to allow patients to learn about the payment plan options and to apply immediately online. Patients may find it themselves or you can direct them to the site and even help them through the process.

This has two benefits; your patients will be able to afford better care and your web traffic will increase which improves your search engine rankings.

The information created by the use of digital services can be valuable. For example Care Credit has a practice dashboard with numerous reports including an Application Summary. This report tells the office who applied, who was approved, how much they were approved for and where the application originated.

As much as we might wish otherwise case acceptance is part of providing good dentistry. After all if the patient refuses treatment for any reason including financing then you have failed completely to help that patient.

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