Practice Activator Re-Visited

by Larry Emmott on May 29, 2011

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I wrote about this already but it deserves another mention. I really like Practice Activator because it uses digital technology in unique and creative ways that provide an immediate benefit to both dentists and our patients.

Practice Activator is an online e-service that contacts and re-activates non-responsive patients. This is not a new idea, what is new are the tools that ActionRun has developed and applied to this task.

For example with Practice Activator: Data is retrieved from your dental office computer and is analyzed (mined) by a sophisticated system online (in the cloud). Based on over a million transactions a self learning system (artificial intelligence) identifies a patient needing treatment. Based on his/her need the patient is contacted (data base marketing). All your office staff needs to do is answer the phone when the patient calls to schedule (automated e-service)

Practice Activator from ActionRun

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