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Interview; How people use the Internet and how they sabotage their own attempts at using technology.

Follow the link to an Interview I did with Ryan Pitz of Patient Pursuit:

How is technology expanding and making marketing a dental practice more complex?

Well, it’s gonna be no surprise to anyone when I say, “the Internet,” because – let’s talk about what the Internet is and what it’s done.

What the Internet and digital technology in general has done is allowed us to communicate in a far more effective way to a whole lot of people. Back in the olden days, BC – “Before Computer” – I had to hire someone from the Yellow Pages or a marketing company to print things on paper and then distribute them, which is very expensive. Now with the Internet, you can literally reach the entire universe of people, but online, for no money whatsoever, and I can do it instantaneously. So the ability to reach many, many people very quickly, very inexpensively, has expanded exponentially.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that everyone else can do it, too. So despite the fact that I can quickly and cheaply reach a lot of people, there’s so much information out there, it’s just information overload right and left, and as a consumer, looking to find a dentist or find information on dentists, I’ve got just too much stuff. So the good news is, I can do it faster and cheaper. The bad news is, you’ve gotta do something different. It’s changing constantly, and so that complexity makes it harder to deal with, actually.

via Dr. Larry Emmott on the Critical Importance of the Phone for Dental Marketing.

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