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Invisalign Online; Great Web Tool

Spacing3_cc_frontThis is one of the best ideas I have seen to promote web traffic. Sesame has a service to import a patients ClinCheck to your practice website. The patient can access it with a password from anywhere using the Internet. However what is even more important, the patient can let others see it.

(BTW, If you are not familiar with a ClinCheck it is the main diagnostic process from Invisalign. It is a virtual model like the one shown here, that actually shows the patient’s teeth and the how they will move during treatment.)

What now happens is that a patient is driven to the practice web page to see the amazing ClinCheck. Now the best part, the patient then e-mails a friend, a parent, a sibling or a co-worker to see the ClinCheck. The new person is driven to your web site and…now will look around, hopefully be impressed and ask for a new patient appointment.

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