One of the best influences on my practice in the last five years has been Bob Maccario. I met Bob at LVI where he was presenting the Dental Concierge. His techniques were extremely helpful in helping us develop an insurance independent practice. Bob is now taking the Concierge concepts and creating a new plan he calls the Independent Practice Model or IPM.

The IPM is a private fee for service practice, that is insurance independent, offers superior customer service and the latest in clinical services. For example in our office, with Bob’s help, we have completely eliminated accounts receivable, we help the patient file for insurance but do not accept assignment of benefits. We get paid in advance for most cases and we regularly have patients agreeing to treatment plans in excess of $10,000.

I will be working with Bob to develop and present the IPRN (Independent Practice Resource Network). This is a web based service that will provide dentists with the resources necessary to develop a successful IPM. Plans call for the launch of the network early in 2007. More later.

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