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Is Email Dead?

If you read this PC Magazine article…

Frankly, email is wasteful. Sure, it doesn’t require chopping down trees like paper mail, but it creates a mess of data that often winds up in the hands of people who don’t need it.

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The author is not saying that personal e-mail from one person to another or business e-mail from one company to another is dead, but that internal e-mail (the e-version of the office wide memo) is dead. Or at least it should be.

Very few dental offices suffer from excessive internal e-mail. In fact we more often suffer from inadequate internal communications. It is amazing how much energy we spend running from front to back to tell someone what the doctor just said.

There are two technology solutions to help dentists improve internal communications without excessive e-mailing.

First the latest Dentrix update includes a long awaited instant messaging system.

Another more complete international communications system that works with Dentrix and other major management systems is YAPI

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